You’re probably familiar with this: You wake up – and feel as if you’ve been exhausted.
Everything hurts.
Stress is then usually blamed for the pain. What many people don’t know: Anatomically correct lying prevents pain, and the pillow is particularly important. Just as the right mattress provides relief for your body, the right pillow relieves and supports your cervical spine.
In order to determine the right pillow for you, we first carry out a so-called neck support needs analysis. It is based on a scientifically developed measuring method in which shoulder and head width, occipital distance and neck depth are measured. We will also ask you about your sleeping habits and the mattress firmness you have chosen. Because this also plays a role in choosing the right pillow: whether you are more of a side or back sleeper and whether you prefer a soft or hard mattress.
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Anatomically correct lying prevents such complaints. The right pillow is particularly important. The dormabell Cervical neck support pillow is therefore recommended for optimum support.
Just as the entire body is relieved by choosing the right bed system during sleep, the dormabell Cervical pillow provides optimum support for the cervical spine. It can be adapted to the natural shape of the sleeper’s head and neck. The wave-like structure of the core promotes air circulation and prevents heat and moisture build-up. We will be happy to advise you!

dormabell Cervical:
The cushion for every situation

The dormabell Cervical neck support pillow combines the advantages of many other pillows in a single development.
The surface design of the core and the 28 possible variations ensure that the head is always at the right distance from the mattress.
Cervical can therefore be optimally adjusted for almost every sleeper and for almost every sleeping posture. Every head movement is controlled and guarantees the natural posture of the cervical spine and head.
The wave-like structure of the core promotes air circulation and prevents heat and moisture build-up. The dormabell Cervical pillow is available in latex, visco or cold foam.

Anatomic Curve from Technogel

The neck support pillow with its compact and ergonomic design hugs your shoulder, preventing it from slipping and helping to fit your head precisely into the contoured surface.
For narrow to medium body types, back or side sleepers who may have a shorter neck or prefer a pillow that hugs their shoulder so that their head fits snugly into the contoured surface.

Dream butterfly from Lattoflex

The first neck support pillow with a floating core that is fully washable and “cuddly” in every respect. The floating core of the cushion keeps the cervical spine in its natural axis with every movement. The floating support core registers even the finest nuances of head movement, while the U-shaped inner cushion guarantees maximum snugness.

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