Which mattress, pillow or base is right for you depends primarily on your body type. Using a computer-aided measuring system, we therefore first record your body contour and then advise you in detail during the reclining test.
Our consultation lasts an average of 30 to 60 minutes, depending on whether you want just a mattress or an entire bed system, for example. Step by step, we work with you to find out which mattress, pillow or bed model best suits your anatomy and needs. Our service is of course free of charge.
The result is a bed system that is individually tailored to you – the basis for healthy and restful sleep.

Your advice at a glance

Von der Messung zur richtigen Matratze!

Preliminary talk

In order to get as accurate a picture as possible of your sleeping situation, we first ask you about various relevant topics, such as your bedroom temperature, sleeping habits or desired mattress size. Here’s a rough idea of which mattress system is best for you

Measurement of your anatomy

With the help of various digital measuring systems, we measure your anatomy in detail: weight, body contours and weight distribution in the various parts of the body, such as the hip and shoulder area. We create an analysis from the measurement data and discuss the data with you via 3D visualization on the screen. We are now in a position to make very precise recommendations for specific mattresses.

Reclining sample

Of course, no software can decide which mattress you ultimately feel comfortable on – only the way you feel when lying on it. We would therefore like to invite you to try them out.
The firmness of mattresses is particularly important for a comfortable and healthy body position. The rule of thumb serves as a rough guide: The heavier the mattress, the firmer it should be. In the end, however, the decisive factor is always how you feel when lying down.

After-sales service

After your purchase, you benefit from a processing service where you don’t have to worry about a thing. All services are free of charge, from delivery to installation. We can also dispose of your old mattress or bed on request.

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