Back pain - a widespread disease

Prevent back pain - with our specialist advice

Anyone who thinks back pain is a personal problem is mistaken: almost 80% of people in our western industrialized nations suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. In around 30% of those affected, the pain even becomes chronic. And the number of patients with back problems continues to rise. Even children are now experiencing back problems more frequently.

The good news is that back pain is not usually caused by congenital deformities of the skeleton, but by physical misconduct. But that can be changed – very easily, in fact. Our specialist advisors will tell you how

Back pain is often caused by the wrong mattress. A mattress that is too hard or too soft is enough to put the back and cervical spine in positions that cause pain.
As specialists in healthy sleep, we therefore ensure that you receive the sleep products that best suit your anatomy. Using precise body measurements and specific questions about your sleeping needs, we put together a sleeping system tailored to your requirements, consisting of a mattress, slat base, neck support pillow and comforter. Finally, you can try out the sleep products in a relaxed atmosphere.

Permanent load

One-sided permanent physical strain due to prolonged standing and/or sitting


Unfavorable postures such as working with a bent back and/or twisting the upper body


Frequent lifting and carrying of heavy loads under unfavorable spatial and climatic conditions

Sitting for long periods

Prolonged sitting without breaks, e.g. in the office, in a TV chair or in vehicles

Wrong lying position

Incorrect lying due to mattresses and pillows that are too soft or too hard

Correct posture

Get into the habit of thinking about a straight back posture and correcting it again and again

Stand with your knees slightly bent, e.g. if you have to stand for a long time.

Correct carrying

Distribute loads evenly and keep them close to your body. Squat down instead of bending over.

Lots of movement

Get plenty of exercise and exercise as regularly as possible. Particularly good for the back: swimming, gymnastics, muscle training, Nordic walking, relaxed running or cycling.

Back training

Back schools help you to correct ingrained incorrect postures and movements and to strengthen your back with targeted muscle training.
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