Allergy due to house dust mites

The house dust mite takes a rather inglorious second place: In the ranking of allergies, it is the second most common trigger of allergies after house dust.
The number of mites present has a significant effect on the severity of the allergic reaction. Or more precisely: their excretions. It is not the mite itself, but its droppings that trigger the allergies. The mite excrement, which breaks down into microscopically small particles, combines with the house dust and thus enters the respiratory tract. If you are allergic, you will recognize this by symptoms such as a blocked nose, sneezing fits or reddened eyes. In severe cases, bronchial asthma also develops.

The bad news first: Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely remove mites from the household. Only in the high mountains, above an altitude of 1500 m, are mites no longer found. The good news is that you can reduce mites to a minimum by taking a few simple measures. The sleeping area in particular should be kept as mite-free as possible.
What you can do first: Make sure the room temperature and humidity are as low as possible. Mites require high humidity and feel most comfortable at around 25 °C and 65 – 80% humidity.
Mites also feed mainly on human and animal hair and dander. They therefore prefer to be found where most dandruff accumulates: in beds, pillows, blankets and carpets. So make sure you clean these popular mite domiciles thoroughly on a regular basis.

Mites! What can I do?

Useful tips for avoiding mites in the house & bed.

  • The right laundry

    The *upper bed, *pillow and *bed linen should be washable at a minimum temperature of 60°C.

  • Replacing the mattress

    Replace the mattress with a new one after 8 years at the latest.

  • Bedroom

    Avoid dust catchers such as bookshelves, curtains, carpets and green plants in the sleeping area.

  • Ventilation

    Ventilate all rooms well and keep them dry. Do not use humidifiers.

  • Cuddly toys

    Place cuddly toys in the freezer regularly for 24 hours. Your children will have to be brave for a moment.

  • Vacuum

    Use a vacuum cleaner with special fine dust filters and leave the vacuuming to a non-allergic person.

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