Members get more!

As a member, you enjoy a whole host of benefits:
Special conditions, advance information on offers and exclusive invitations to interesting events relating to sleeping and living.
Ask for a membership form at the checkout the next time you visit a bed store - and you're in.

This is how it works!


To become a member of our Bettenhaus Club, simply register online. Or you can fill in the membership form at the till the next time you visit the Bettenhaus. You are already there.

3% discount

As a Club member, you receive a 3% discount on all your Bettenhaus purchases and enjoy numerous other special conditions.

Exclusive invitations

Interesting special events with a limited number of participants regularly take place in our ward. As a club member, you will receive exclusive invitations that you can use to secure your participation.

Free delivery

As a member of our club, we deliver all purchases to your home free of charge – no matter where you live.

Sale & special offers

As a club member, you enjoy additional benefits during the promotion weeks and regularly receive our brochures in your mailbox, such as the STILOFFENSIVE or our spring and fall promotions.

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