Purebeds CHILL

The headboard cover is removable as standard, only fixed with leather cover.
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Puredbeds CHILL

Complete box-spring bed consisting of bed frame with integrated base mattress, headboard and mattress.
The headboard of PUREBEDS CHILL is so simply designed that it blends into the background. All the attention here belongs to the top mattress, which appears higher and larger thanks to the low headboard – an invitation to lie back and relax.

Technical details

Headboard: 95cm x nominal size + 2 x 15 cm (H x W x D)
The headboard cover can be removed as standard, but is permanently covered in leather!
Base mattress: without adjustment, mattress height 21 cm with removable cover, built-in upholstered spring base
Top mattress: PURE – Handmade pocket spring mattress
Sizes: 140 x 210 cm, 160 x 210 cm and 180 x 210 cm
Drellbetzug: in 100% pure viscose with special “PURE” tassel stitching, “PURE LUXE” blind stitching
Fabrics: available in 6 different fabrics and 2 faux leather covers

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