In the picturesque region of southern Baden, the family-run company Traumina has been manufacturing high-quality bedding for generations, impressing with its quality, sustainability and attention to detail.

Entdecken Sie bei Bettenhaus Schmitt die exklusive Welt von Traumina, wo sich traditionelle Handwerkskunst und moderne Innovationen zu Ihrem Schlafkomfort vereinen.



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Sustainability and responsibility

In line with our values, Traumina attaches great importance to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. The products are made from natural materials that respect both the environment and your sleeping comfort.

With Traumina, you are choosing a brand that takes responsibility for the future.

Masterful processing techniques

In der Manufaktur von Traumina gehen traditionelles Textilhandwerk und hochmoderne Techniken Hand in Hand. In the Traumina manufactory, traditional textile craftsmanship and ultra-modern techniques go hand in hand.

The careful craftsmanship and precision workmanship guarantee bedding of the highest quality, which we are proud to offer you at Bettenhaus Schmitt.

Tradition meets innovation

Traumina stands for a centuries-old tradition in the manufacture of bedding, which occupies a special place in our range.

With over 100 years of experience, Traumina combines craftsmanship with innovative processing techniques to create bedding that makes your sleep a true rest.

Exclusive design collection

The Traumina Design collection that you will find here is characterized by creative patterns, vibrant colors and high-quality materials. Each piece in this collection is a declaration of love for beauty in everyday life and adds an individual touch to your bedroom.

Made in Germany

Traumina is committed to quality and craftsmanship “Made in Germany”. You will find this promise of quality in every product that we at Traumina select and present to you in our bed store.